Sodium Vapors

Tower of Terror
July 7, 2047

At approximately 1800 Izaya Shin received a phone call instructing him to bring all those involved in the Chen Kwan incident to meet with the “Straw Sandal” of the Blood Lotus Triad. He was instructed to bring them to a meeting at midnight at his apartment.

Izaya contacted the rest of the group (at this point Jack, Kirin and Dr. Park) and called them to his apartment. He took the afternoon to perform reconnaisance on the exterior of the building. He returned to his apartment to prepare for the meeting. By 2300 all the principals had arrived and they left for the building driven in Kirin’s car by his adjutant, Mei-Su.

By 2340 they had arrived at the facility and while Mei-Su circled the block a few times, Izaya disabled the security cameras along their entry route. They gained admission to the apartment building then went to the penthouse floor and met two agents at the door at 2357. They entered the apartment and waited in the lounge area for 5 minutes while beginning to detect the smell of blood. Kirin investigated the adjoining room and discovered the bodies of four heavily armed and armored men. After sharing his discovery with the group Dr. Park entered to confirm that they were in fact dead. Kirin went outside to find the two at the door had gone. He re-entered the apartment just as a violent explosion rocked the building. As the crew dusted themselves off, Dr. Park and Kirin having taken some minor injuries, Kirin re-entered the side room to investigate the bodies. Finding nothing but tattoos consistent with triad members, he left them alone.

Charles Dexter Ward was alerted to the explosion and after his personal generator system kicked on calmly donned his armor, his Camelbak® and phoned the police. He proceeded to make his way down the ruined building before meeting up with building security on the third floor and proceeding to the exit. He then called his lawyers and spoke with police.

Kirin shifted to his demon form before proceeding to scale the building. He climbed down to the fifth floor, fell a short distance then proceeded inside by foot where he met up with the rest of the group.

Izaya, Jack and Dr. Park proceeded down the building through the interior after the exterior stairwell appeared impassable. At one point they threw mattresses into the lightwell and then jumped on them with Jack and Izaya shifting to Crinos and Jack carrying Dr. Park. Unfortunately, when they landed, Dr. Park saw Jack in Crinos form and was affected by the Delirium. He instinctively used Jack’s pistol to attack him, missing wildly as he is unskilled in firearms. Izaya shot him with a tranq dart, rendering him unconscious. The proceeded through the building until they met up with Kirin.

The group of four went downstairs where they were met by a security team. Though Izaya convinced the security guards that they were there legally, the guards restrained them and brought them downstairs. They contrived to be injured so that they could go to a medic, but Izaya and Jack were routed to complete a police interview before receiving treatment. Dr. Park, still unconscious, was taken away by stretcher.

Inauspicious Beginnings
4 July 2047

Izaya and Kirin learned of a scheme of a few low-level Triad soldiers to raise the amount they charge for “protection” by 300%. Calling on an old debt, they roused Jack to assist as muscle. The group made haste to intercept the thugs in a run down area of Chinatown.

Dr. Park was at his home when three Triad members showed up, asking for the next months protection money at a drastic price increase. After some brief disagreement, Dr. Park retrieved the money requested and sent the thugs on their way…

…As the triad members were preparing to leave, Jack, Kirin and Izaya showed up and briefly attempted to negotiate with the triad members, notably with their leader, a teenager named Chen. Negotiations broke down at approximately the time that Jack threw Chen to the ground. Izaya shot one of the other triad members, enforcers to be specific, in the head, instantly incapacitating him. Chen did a runner and was apprehended by Kirin, but not before a brief firefight occurred wherein Izaya was shot in the side by the remaining enforcer, then returned fire with a severe shot to the leg, causing the enforcer to black out from the pain.

Jack brought Chen inside while Dr. Park treated the wounds of the enforcers and Izaya. Kirin remained outside and summoned his adjutant, Mei-Su, to drive up and peel out squealing her tires suspiciously. He attempted to conceal the physical evidence of the combat and constructed an account that the responding officer seemed to buy. He ordered a check of the CCTV cameras to try to identify the car used in the pickup. Izaya managed to get the footage deleted, but not before the make and model of the car were identified. The police officer claimed that forensics would be out later that day.

After the police officer left, Dr. Park, Izaya, Jack and Kirin were able to convince Chen to return the $600 that he had extorted from Dr. Park.


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